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Helpwinn is a platform aimed at providing help to those playing number games in finding the numbers to cross out that will have the highest chance of being drawn.

The platform supports the most popular number games in Poland and the USA, as well as the "Eurojackpot" number game available throughout the European Union.

The first window on Helpwinn is the language selection window. Select the language in which you wish to continue.



In the second step, the user selects their region by clicking on the region mark with number games, which include: Polish flag - Polish number games, American flag - the most popular number games in the USA, and the EU flag - with the Eurojackpot" number game present throughout the EU.



After selecting the region, we have access to the games we have selected:If we have selected the wrong region, we can change it by clicking the appropriate region at the bottom left. We also have the opportunity to report a win, if there is one.



Now you can look for the numbers that you’d like to select that can increase your chances of winning.

Let us move on to the game itself

Here, we select the numbers we have chosen in any order and immediately see how many times this number or combination of numbers has been drawn throughout the history of this game.



After selecting the game, we can start looking for our numbers. . The numbers drawn, both those displayed on the screen and in the database, are always in ascending order and marked in tables N1, N2, N3, N4, and N5, as well as N6 for games in which 6 numbers are drawn.

N1 is the smallest number in a given draw and each subsequent number is greater than the previous one...

On the yellow bar there is an option to check a given number not only for the selected game, but you can also view the result from the collective table of all games supported here in which 5 or 6 numbers are drawn.

In the third segment of the window there is an “ask the database” section, where after selecting the query we will immediately receive an answer.

In the query about the prime number - we ask for the smallest number in a given draw in accordance with the principle of organizing numbers for the Helpwinn platform; from the smallest to the largest.

The additional numbers are marked with the letter P, and Eurojackpot is marked with P and P2

Based on this principle, the system generates all its answers and search results

The Helpwinn system contains a full database of drawn numbers for each supported game, from the first draw to the last.

This also gives you the opportunity to check how many times a given number or combination of numbers has been drawn throughout its history

The “more” button takes the user to queries directed to the database

Here you can ask the database to get an answer that will help us decide what numbers we can choose to increase our chances of winning.

Queries directed to the database also make it possible to check any number, how many times it has already been drawn or how many times a combination of numbers has already been drawn in the entire history of a given game or in the history of all number games present on Helpwinn

After selecting a number, the selected number will appear in the orange bar below the table of numbers and information will also be displayed on how many times this number has been drawn throughout the history of the game.

After clicking the all5 button, we can see how many times the same number was drawn in total in all games available on helpwinn for games where 5 numbers are crossed out.

If this is a game where 6 numbers are drawn, you can similarly check this number by clicking the all6 button

After selecting the second number, a pair of these numbers will be shown and information will be given on how many times such a pair has already been drawn in the history of this game.

After selecting each subsequent number, the selected numbers will be displayed with information on how many times the combination of such numbers has already been drawn in the history of this game or when previewing all5 or all6 for all games present on helpwinn

The helpwinn system is equipped with the ability to ask other questions to the database, the list of which will appear after selecting the "ask database" option from the menu.

Using the contact form, you can submit your proposals for queries to the database, which will be considered and, in justified cases, added to the list of queries.

We wish all Helpwinn users the highest of winnings.